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We negotiate your current contract and make sure you have a fair deal.

Brevius Fair Price on Broadband

Brevius negotiates the best broadband rate

Brevius Scissor Cuts Costs

Broadband providers raise their prices every year for existing customers. If your current deal is coming to an end, switching to a new provider isn’t the only way to pay a fair price for your broadband.

We’ve saved our customers an average of hundreds of pounds by haggling with their providers. Check how it works if you are interested in an automated solution or just provide us your contract or a bill.

Save on broadband providers

Brevius negotiates broadband contracts with all major providers in the UK such as Virgin Media, BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone.

If you can’t find your provider in the list, don’t worry. Brevius will find a way to get a better deal with your provider.

Recent broadband success stories


Most people either don’t know how to ask for discounts or are not assertive enough to do so. So was I. Stop wasting time and let others (Brevius) do it who do that every day and get much lower prices than you would.

Danny R. - saved 452£ on his Virgin Media contract

It’s really useful to see all your subscriptions in one place, and they were able to half my internet bill straight away!

Lucy U. - saved 616£ on her Virgin Media contract

The experience was wonderful and amazing throughout, and the customer service was always outstanding with fast replies.

Michael M. - saved 118£ on his BT contract

Get started

You have two options to get a better price on your broadband:

Automate your savings

Connect your bank account to get an overview of your recurring payments and receive a better price on your broadband. Find out more.

Brevius App Preview

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Provide contract details manually

Start saving without connecting a bank account. Simply send us a copy of your contract or take a photo of a recent bill. 

Upload Contract Illustration

Currently the app and the Brevius service is accessible in the UK only.

DIY broadband negotiation 

Want to try a price negotiation for yourself?

You can start haggling with your provider without Brevius. Read some tips before you call the support line to increase your chances for success.

People choose and trust us because it takes experience and endurance to get the best possible deal. Be prepared to spend a long time in waiting queues with most providers. 

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