How to Unlock Broadband Deals for Existing Vodafone Customers

Why is it that loyal Vodafone subscribers sometimes miss out on the premium offers that new entrants enjoy? This disparity, often referred to as the “loyalty penalty”, leaves existing customers feeling somewhat overlooked. However, with this tailored guide in hand, you’re well on your way to accessing the best deal for existing Vodafone customers.

Step 1: Embark on an Informative Research Journey

Dive Deep into

Your journey starts at Vodafone’s official website. It’s not just an informational hub but shows all promotions, offers, and potential savings. Being well-versed with these details as an existing customer not only empowers you but also strengthens your position when the time comes to negotiate. Find out what current package you are on, ensuring you’re better prepared for subsequent discussions.

    Expand Your View: The Power of Comparison Websites

    While Vodafone provides a solid starting point, broaden your research net. Platforms like MoneySavingExpert and MoneySuperMarket offer invaluable insights into the wider landscape. By comparing Vodafone’s offerings against its competitors, you’re equipped with a better understanding of where the best deals lie. Even more importantly, comparison websites often have better deals available than the providers themselves.

    Step 2: Cultivating Meaningful Conversation

    Reaching the Right Ears

    While you might not like the idea of calling Vodafone there are no shortcuts at this point. Your objective is to secure the best deal for existing Vodafone customers so make sure you establish a direct line to the retention department. 

    These experts are in charge of better deals made just for undecided customers. For Vodafone dial 0333 3040 191 and enter your landline or account number to be identified. You will be asked for your reason for calling so make sure you tell them that you want to leave. This ensures that you will be transferred to the right department.

    Timing: An Underestimated Asset

    The time you make your call can really matter. Calling during quieter times, especially in the mornings, usually means you won’t have to wait as long and the people you talk to will be more focused on helping you. This peaceful atmosphere can often make it easier to have successful discussions and get better results from your negotiations.

    The Strategy of Persistence

    Negotiating doesn’t happen just once. The first offer might seem good, but there’s always more to it. Take a close look at what they’re suggesting, use the information you’ve gathered from your research, and then ask them again for an improved offer for existing Vodafone customers. This time, bring up strong arguments for why they should give you a better deal. If you keep at it, you might end up with some of Vodafone’s best offers. Remember, persistence can pay off!

    After you have received an improved offer, ask the retention team to make a note of it and tell them you will think about it. Hang up the phone and call again. Make sure you speak to the retention team again and tell them you won’t accept the offer. They don’t want to lose you as a customer so they will make an improved offer.

    Unearthing Exclusive Deals: The Manager’s Edge

    It’s worthwhile to inquire about manager-specific offers. The retention team reps you talk to might have specific rules they have to follow, but managers usually have more flexibility. They can create deals that are personalised just for you, which might include extra perks, better service, or special offers that others don’t get. So, don’t hesitate to see if the managers have something special up their sleeves!

    Dive Deeper: The Quest for Additional Discounts

    Having explored manager-specific offers, continue your investigative journey. Seek out any overlooked promotions, exclusive packages, or niche loyalty benefits. Your meticulous research can act as a cornerstone during these discussions, prompting representatives to dig deeper and offer even more favourable deals.

    In Conclusion: Navigating the Path to Premier Deals

    Being an existing Vodafone customer should have its rewards, and this guide is here to make sure that happens for every customer, no matter how long they’ve been with Vodafone. By doing some focused research, talking smartly, and not giving up when you’re negotiating, you can get the best deal as an existing Vodafone customer and help close the loyalty penalty. You can also use the tips from our team of negotiation experts.

    If you don’t want to do all of this yourself then we are here to help. Visit the Brevius website and sign up for the best deals possible.

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