How to get the Best BT Deal as an Existing Customer

Can existing customers get new customer deals at BT? If you’re a dedicated BT customer, you’ve probably noticed that newcomers seem to scoop up the best broadband deals, while long-standing patrons like you are left without a slice of the action. This can be incredibly frustrating and is commonly known as the “loyalty penalty.” This is when loyal customers end up paying more or missing out on enticing offers, leaving you feeling less than appreciated. But don’t worry – we’re here to guide you through the maze of their broadband deals so that you, as a cherished existing customer, can lock in the ultimate bargain.

1. Know the Market: Empowerment Through Insight

Equipping yourself with knowledge is an invaluable aspect of securing the best broadband deal. Take the time to research the latest offerings on the BT website. Additionally, delve into price comparison platforms such as MoneySavingExpert or Compare the Market to gain a broader understanding of prevailing market trends.

A comprehensive grasp of current deals and discounts empowers you to approach negotiations with confidence. This knowledge positions you to secure a deal that aligns not only with your loyalty but also with prevailing market standards.

    2. Make the Right Call: Speak to the Retention Team

    As your current contract approaches its end, you will receive an online offer from BT for a fresh broadband deal. The ease of clicking and accepting can be tempting, but there’s often much more to be gained. Take a proactive step by giving them a call at 0800 800 150. Navigate through the prompts to speak to the retention team, they are the ones offering the best deals. 

    Select option 1 for broadband, 6 for considering leaving, and 2 for ‘account holder did not pass away’ – yes, they do ask you that question early on 🙂
    Then you are required to provide your account details. Politely inform the representative that you’re a loyal existing customer and express your interest in a contract extension along with the best possible deal they can muster.

    Engaging in direct conversation with the retention team can open the door to potential hidden gems that are not accessible online. By initiating this dialogue, you’re setting the stage for a more tailored and potentially rewarding negotiation process.

    3. The Manager Trick: Elevating Your Bargaining Power

    When you are presented with an offer, think of it as a starting point, not a final destination. Politely inquire if their manager has the authority to conjure up an even better deal. Once you have received an improved offer, don’t hesitate to express your gratitude for the offer and let them know you’ll need some time to mull it over before you wrap up the call. At this stage it is important to ask them to leave a note on your account so you can come back to this offer straight away.

    4. The Second Call Strategy: Persistence Pays Off

    Timing plays a pivotal role when delving into the world of broadband deals. After an appropriate interval, make a follow-up call. During this conversation, reference the offer you received previously and explain why it falls short of your expectations as a loyal existing customer. You can do so by referring to deals available for new customers. Persistence often proves fruitful. The retention team may reassess your situation and return with an improved offer. Don’t hesitate to revisit the manager trick for a potential boost.

    Ideally, you have received an offer that has already been reduced 3 or 4 times. This is usually the best you can get. But if you really want to take it to the extreme, you can try this step again and call the customer retention team again. At Brevius, we have seen price reductions up to 5 times because we were very persistent.


    5. Timing Matters: Minimise Wait Times for Optimal Results

    Patience is indeed a virtue, but strategic timing is equally crucial when dealing with customer service. To reduce wait times and enhance your experience, consider placing your calls during off-peak hours – typically in the morning. This strategic approach not only minimises frustration but also increases your chances of efficiently connecting with a representative.


    Conclusion: Triumph Over New Customer Deals

    Navigating the intricacies of securing the paramount broadband deal as an existing BT customer may appear challenging, but armed with these strategies, you’re well-equipped to conquer the loyalty penalty. By actively engaging with customer retention teams, employing negotiation finesse, staying informed about market trends, and strategically timing your calls, you’re poised to secure a deal that rivals those offered to newcomers. For more tips, read the article from our team of negotiation experts.

    Prefer not to navigate negotiations on your own? A simple click lets Brevius handle the task.

    Bid adieu to the loyalty penalty and usher in exclusive deals and substantial savings. It’s high time dedicated customers like yourself receive the recognition and benefits you truly deserve.

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