Existing Sky Customers are Now Eligible for New Client-Exclusive Deals

Have you ever wondered if existing Sky customers can access the same deals as new customers? If you’ve been a loyal Sky customer, you’ve probably noticed that new customers often receive the most enticing broadband deals, leaving you feeling left out. This phenomenon is often called the “loyalty penalty”, where existing customers pay more than new ones. We’re here to help rectify this disparity and help you get a deal typically reserved for newcomers.

Do your homework – Preparation

Market research on

Begin with some basic research. Check out Sky’s website to stay informed about their latest offers, packages, and promotions. Knowing the current promotions directly from Sky can give you an edge when negotiating a better deal. Also, determine which package you currently have and compare its price to the one for new joiners on the website.

    Market research on Comparison Websites

    Expand your research to price comparison platforms like MoneySavingExpert or GoCompare. This gives you a more comprehensive view of market trends and available offers. Often, the deals on these comparison sites can be more attractive than those on the Sky website.

    Make the Call

    Call the right team

    Here’s the challenging part – you’ll need to phone Sky to get the best possible deal. No shortcuts here. But we aim to make this process as smooth as possible. It’s crucial to connect with Sky’s retention team, as they’re the ones with the power to offer deals comparable to those for new customers.

    Dial 0344 2414141 and provide your details for them to access your account. If asked the purpose of your call, mention that you’re considering leaving Sky. By doing so you ensure that you will be directly connected to the retention team.

    Call at the right time

    The timing of your call can be a game-changer. It’s often best to call during off-peak hours, preferably mornings. This minimises your wait time and increases the chances of a productive conversation with an unrushed representative.

    Negotiate and Call Again

    The first offer you receive is typically a starting point. Don’t hesitate to ask for a better deal right away. Once you’ve gotten their best offer, let them know you’ll think it over, and end the call. Following up is vital. On your next call, refer to the previous offer and explain why it wasn’t satisfactory, especially in comparison to deals for new customers you’ve seen elsewhere. Being persistent might be the key to a more favourable offer.

    Ask for the manager’s discount

    During your call, ask about potential manager’s discounts. Frontline representatives often have limited leeway with offers, but their managers might have more wiggle room. Also, inquire about other available discounts or promotions, leveraging any market research you’ve done. Sometimes reps can offer special discounts or credits for loyal customers.

    Ask for additional discounts

    If you’ve exhausted the manager’s discount or are looking for additional savings, probe for other available discounts or promotions. Mention any market research you’ve done and ask if there are any special packages or promotions that you might not be aware of. Sometimes, representatives are able to give one-off discounts or credits for loyal customers.


    Existing Sky customers deserve deals that reflect their loyalty and commitment. By thoroughly preparing, strategically timing your calls, and leveraging negotiation techniques, you can ensure that you’re not left behind in the race for the best offers. Remember, it’s not just about securing a great deal; it’s about ensuring that you are rewarded for your loyalty. No longer do you have to watch from the sidelines as new customers receive exclusive offers. With the right approach, you too can enjoy the best that Sky has to offer.

    At Brevius, our mission is to make this vision a reality, championing existing customers to access offers typically reserved for newcomers. If you’re passionate about closing the loyalty penalty gap, take action, call your provider and use our expert negotiation tips. If you’re not comfortable negotiating alone, a simple click lets Brevius step in and handle the task for you.

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