Users save an average of £450

Brevius negotiates
for you

You save money

You stay with your provider

We do the hard work

What you do without Brevius

You probably don’t have time to spend hours on the phone with your providers to get the best rates

Avoid stress, long queues and awkward situations. Let Brevius do it for you.


How Brevius works

1. Register

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2. Send contract

Share with us your contracts or latest bills you want to renegotiate

3. Lean back

Brevius will apply its negotiation magic with your existing provider

4. Save money

Provider sends the updated contract. Brevius takes a 10% fee of your savings

Trust matters

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK

Find the official record here

We have deep respect for your security & privacy

We do not forward your data to third parties. We just need data to negotiate with your existing provider

Meet the team

Members of the team have experience in banking and developing user friendly apps. We are currently testing our business idea and working hard to launch our service as soon as possible

Matthias Kurz

Matthias Kurz

Roman Reithmayer

Roman Reithmayer

Thomas Biasion

Thomas Biasion

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